Wednesday, 18 March 2009

How To make A Taco Weiner

Taco Weiners are those cute octopus sausages I put in Ebi-kuns bento box, like these little guys...

Now, I admit, it took me a long time to find the right sausages, a lot of trial and error went on. For those in Japan, I use "Winny", they can be boiled or fried, I prefer them fried but they look better when boiled! If you click on the image below I have written out the instructions, hope you can read my writing :o) It is very simple, I keep meaning to try some other designs, I did penguins once and I may have tried fish, these are the easiest though - enjoy.

If you are felt-a-holic like myself and have a spare zip lying around, then pop over to Sarah's lovely blog today, it is her 500th post and she is hosting a sew-a-long party, I will see you there (I will be the one with the blue polka dot felt)
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