Tuesday 17 March 2009

St Patricks day

We have been having some St. Paddys fun here today. I started off buy telling Ebi-kun about St Patrick and Ireland and we looked on the globe to see if we could find Ireland. I then told him the St Patrick was famous for ridding Ireland of it's snakes, so before we got started on any other projects he would have to banish the snakes from our house!
I had cut out 7 snakes, in rainbow colours and he used a piece of card to waft them out the door and into the genkan (porch). 
Then we made a rainbow, we actually started the rainbow yesterday. I drew the outline on white card and then he cut the coloured paper into strips and then again into squares, we then stuck these onto the rainbow together. After that I cut a paper plate in two and stuck the two pieces together and Ebi-kun coloured it in. Then we added the gold pieces.
After all that, the snakes had snuck back in so Ebi-kun had to scare them all out again, this time they ended up in the bathroom! We then played a couple of rounds of dominoes, it is the first time we have played this but he caught on straight away, I downloaded them from here.
And then we did some painting, I faintly drew a shamrock and he traced around it with oil pastels and added his own little design into the mix.
Then he painted over it with water based paint, he was surprised that the paint wouldn't cover the pastel - we tried this before with wax crayon but it was a flop, the oil pastels worked SO much better. He really liked this so he did some random pictures too.
After all that it was time to go to the park so we - yes, he got me at it too, played football for over an hour before he announced he was hungry so we came home for a green MTD (muffin tin dinner) HCO's MTD theme this week was green/St Patricks so this is my attempt....
We have, a greenish egg, cucumber, pasta in green pesto, broccoli, avocado, kiwi and melon jelly in the middle served with melon green milk and a side serving of cheeky Leprechauns that escaped from Gourmet Mom on The Go and found their way into my kitchen, I just hope they are planning on leaving a wee pot of gold for me....


  1. Happy St. Paddy's Day Jojoebi! I kinda celebrated it one day ahead! :O

  2. Happy St. Patrick's Day!! What a creative day you had!

  3. I love the colored snakes! How cute.

    Can you tell me how you got that cool floating label thing on the left side bar? That is really neat!

  4. Jenny - I can't remember where I saw it but I asked the blogger who had in the same way you did and she pointed me to the site where I think I had to cut and paste the HTML. I have just looked through the code of my blog but it is all gibberish to me - sorry, I am about as helpful as a chocolate teapot!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE these ideas Jo. Your house seems so full of fun and craft ALL the time.

    I am going to do some of these with my little guy. He is really into rainbows and snakes right now.

  6. Love love love these ideas Jo. Your house always seems so full of fun and craft.

    I will try some of these with my little guy as he is really into rainbows and snakes right now.


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