Thursday, 26 March 2009

Parts Of A Flower Felt Board

***OK, I KNOW there is a spelling error on here, I have made a new card to replace it!***

This was another easy project, I used the wooden flower puzzle as a template and although it involved more cutting it didn't take me long. Again, I printed the labels and stuck them onto sticky backed felt.

After, he did the wooden puzzle then put the labels on there too, I can see me making these for other 'parts of...' activities.

A quick word about felt. I have two felt stashes, one is the cheap acrylic felt the other is wool blend (usually 70-80% wool).

The cheap acrylic felt is great for projects like this one or the counting but if you are going to make things like felt food or purses then go for the better quality wool blend.

The cheap stuff bobbles and doesn't last well in comparison, I learnt this the hard way!

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