Thursday, 2 April 2009

Finding some focus

Recently Ebi-kun has lacked focus with his Montessori work, I tried adding new work to the shelves and also introducing new extensions to old work but he still seemed unsettled. So yesterday I tried a different approach. Most of our equipment is set out upstairs, but yesterday I selected a few things and set them up on the bench downstairs. Ebi-kun looked confused but got his apron out and picked which one to work with. I couldn't believe the difference, he was settled and focused and worked on each item for a good length of time, no getting up in the middle to run round or jump on the sofa, I'm not sure why this worked. We do work downstairs quite often especially when it is very hot or very cold, the Montessori room doesn't have a heater. I suspect that it was restricting the choice of things to work with, any ideas?
Anyway, he started with the number rods, I added the number tiles so that he could copy the numbers, he hasn't quite go them down yet. He did really well with this and after we did 2 together he asked to do the last ones by himself.

Then he got out the metal insets, these have always been a favourite. I showed him an extension where you draw the first shape then move the inset and draw another that overlaps but you don't cross the lines that are already drawn. What interested me here was the fact that he switched hands so he could complete the circle with ease. I am not sure if most kids do this or not, I am ambidextrous and it is a handy skill to have, it will be interesting to see if Ebi-kun turns out to be able to use both hands equally too.
Here, he is drawing stripes in the shapes. He spent a long time doing these, I wasn't timing but it must have been about an hour. He also did some using the same technique but mixing up the shapes.
I left the equipment out and later in the day he got out the gold bead material, we reviewed the decimal system with the beads and numerals and then he made a number using the cards and counted the beads out to match.
The postman arrived in the afternoon and we became billionaires - yeah!! This was a prize that we won over on Mozi Esmes blog when they doing competitions to raise awareness for the awful situation in Zimbabwe. Thank you guys, we will be sure to invest it wisely!

After dinner, Ebi-kun asked to do some painting, so I requested a nice spring picture to replace the snowman, being the sweetie that he is, he whipped up a lovely spring flowers picture.
And it looks great on the art shelf :o)
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