Thursday, 16 April 2009

Guess what?

Yep, this is post 500! Quite a milestone I think. When I first started this blog it was for friends and family to see what we were up to, the progress with the house (we were building at the time) and Ebi-kun's adventures. I never imagined the direction it would take me, the friends I have made, all over the world, the things I have learned and the confidence you gave me to go ahead and open the Etsy shop. In some respects it has been a life changer, I thought that the only way I would ever be able to make an income in Japan would be by teaching E.S.L. and as much as I enjoyed it at the time, it isn't really my idea of a career choice. Discovering the blogging world introduced me to some fabulous people and I realised that with a bit of hard work and the power of the internet, I did have more than one career choice.

Over the last couple of years I have gratefully received some awards and I must thank MiniMondas, rhymesandmore and Clemencia for giving me this award.

I get stressed trying to decide who to pass these things on to, I am not the best decision maker at the best of times so instead of passing on the award (is all my hair going to fall out and I will grow hairy warts for not keeping it going?) I am asking every one who reads thins to promise to post a comment on the next blog post you read and enjoy, just a quick hello and tell the blogger how much you enjoyed the post, that includes those who lurk! I know you are out there :o). If you are feeling really inspired you can always take the pledge.

Well, 500 posts is definitely worth a cake and a giveaway. I actually haven't organised anything yet because I only realised it was post 500 yesterday, so I will carve a rubber stamp for the winner, something special and include some other goodies - it will be like a birthday surprise, you will have no idea what you are getting. I will wait until I know who the winner is so that I can fit the prize to the winner.

So, to get your hands on the loot, pop over to my little shop and tell me what your favourite item is, either fabric or something I have made and come back and tell me in the comments section.

For extra entries you can tweet about it, then leave another comment to say you tweeted.

And/Or blog about it again leave another comment and a link to the post.

I will close the entries the evening of the 22nd and pick a random winner the next morning (Japan time)

Right, I am off to eat cake, sadly not as cute as this one...
image belongs to cakejournal via Flickr
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