Monday, 27 April 2009

Muffin Tin Dinner

This weeks theme was under the sea and well...I got a bit carried away LOL.

Top L-R
kamaboko (fishcake) fish
carrot starfish
seaweed sandwich
sausage crabs

orange pepper coral
fish crackers
cucumber fish
jelly jellyfish

sausage crabs
sweetcorn fish eggs
boiled egg fish
seaweed sandwich

and here is a close up...

If you are interested in the picks/egg mould, there is info about them here.


  1. I love the picks! I KNOW my son would eat some "questionable" stuff if I managed to find some cool picks like those!

  2. WOW you did a fantastic job, so much thought we into that!!

  3. very cute, I love all the animal fish shapes.

  4. Very cute! I am impressed that you came up with so many ideas! Great job!

  5. those suasage crabs are out of control cute!

    great tin, as always!

  6. Really cute - like always! What do you use to make the faces? I can't figure out what to use for mine.

  7. oh wow u rocked this one!!

  8. I LOVE the little faces! I think we all got a little carried away this week. We made candy sushi. ;) Great tin!!!


  9. I think I got carried away too, but that just means you're awesome! Great job! I love your crabs!

  10. thanks for all the great comments!

    re: faces - I use a craft punch - the type used for paper and a sheet of nori (dried seaweed), I have several punches that I picked up cheap, you can buy special nori punches but they are way more expensive. To get the face on the 'animal' punch out the face then wet the end of a chopstick and pick the nori up with that, SO much easier than your fingers.

    the white fish are made using a carrot shaped cutter and the cucumber fish are turnips :o)

    For the crab, hold the sausage in the middle and cut 4 slices into each end, boil in water or fry for a few minutes and the legs will open. Easy!

  11. That was wonderful ... my kids are with me and they are all jealous!!! We love it!

  12. Great tin! I didn't even think of using my bento stuff!


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