Monday 27 April 2009

A parcel arrived

for me on Saturday, it was all beautifully packaged (the photo is not good, bad lighting I am afraid)
Inside were these super cute bookmarks and a super cute pen, they were the prize at Christy's blog give away over at Sweet Tidings, which is also super cute!

Thank you! 
Ebi-kun nicked off with the blue mouse to use in his encyclopedia, apparently he needs to have the internal body organs page book marked for easy access!

photo borrowed from Sweet Tidings
I finally finished the quilt last night and it is now in the washing machine, fingers crossed that it comes out in one piece! I will have photos tomorrow.

Not much else to report, except a congratulations to Lesley and Paul, baby Iris made her appearance early hours Sunday, everyone is doing well, another baby to visit when we get to the UK, yeah!


  1. I'm glad you won! You're very welcome. :D

  2. cant wait to see the quilt! Yutakas sister is having a baby soon and I thought that ababy quilt might be a lovely present! i think that yo have inspired me!!


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