Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Just about sums up Ebi-kuns face on these pictures! As I tidied up Ebi-kun got some work off the shelves, first he took out this had puppet. He needed to stitch around the edge the decorate it, it was actually half done and has been on the shelf for months, I was debating with myself whether to put it away or not, surprisingly he picked it up and finished it.

Then he got the scales out, I asked him questions such as 'How many yellow weights weigh the same as one green one' and had him work it out, then without actually weighing them, he concluded that 2 orange weights are the same as one green one.
The weights got boring so he looked around for something else and the started weighing the pink tower blocks, look at his expression, you can almost hear the clogs turning :o)
When he had finished with the pink tower, the knobbled cylinders also go in on the action.
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