Sunday 17 May 2009

Shopping and Drinking

I had a great day out yesterday. I went down to Nippori and met up with the lovely J. from Jumping Overboard, it is the first time we have met in real life and as I am waiting at the station I realised that I had no idea what she looks like and didn't even think to ask. I do this all the time in japan, you know the person you want to meet is the other foreigner! We hit it off straight away and had scarily similar tastes in fabric! I lost count of the amount of time we both picked out the same thing or one of us would pick up something that the other had bought on a previous trip. I did buy LOADS and my back is still aching to prove it! The bulk of it was for a custom order although I did pick up some for the shop, you will have to wait to see that though because I plan to re-stock the shop when I come back off my hols.

Once I had dragged Jo round all the shops TWICE we both headed off, Jo lives about 10 mins by bike from Nippori - how dangerous would that be, we would, most certainly, be bankrupt if we lived that close!

I got back to Omiya and met up some lovely ladies who were staggering back from a luncheon and needed topping up with beer. We ended up going to Arabian Rock which was amusing. A belly dancer meets you at the door then sends you through the cave where you come to a lantern where you have to shout Open Sesame or something similar, all the tables are set in little tents and belly dancers serve you, part way through the night they have a belly dancing show, all a bit silly but it was fun.

We have the in-laws visiting this weekend and I have just found out one of my friends from Uni, the infamous Ziggy arrives in Tokyo tomorrow with his band (he is the tour manager) so I am hoping we can get together, I haven't seen him for about 10 years. It is going to be a hectic couple of weeks...

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