Wednesday, 3 June 2009

we made it!

Ebi-kun was an angel on the planes and even got compliments as we got off the 13hr flight from other passengers and the crew ;o)
The roll - a - snack game was the biggest hit and I also got a black light pen with a small light on the lid, the ink looks invisible until you shine the light on it, so I wrote some messages in a little note book for him to find, this was also a big hit. Thank you Monika for the suggestion!
Now jet-lag, that is a whole different thing, he slept for just 2 hours the whole journey and has been up at 3am wanting breakfast the first couple of nights, it is killing me! Coping with my own jet-lag is bad enough but having to do his too...

right, off to get my hair done, thanks for all the previous messages, will be checking in again soon
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