Wednesday 3 June 2009

we made it!

Ebi-kun was an angel on the planes and even got compliments as we got off the 13hr flight from other passengers and the crew ;o)
The roll - a - snack game was the biggest hit and I also got a black light pen with a small light on the lid, the ink looks invisible until you shine the light on it, so I wrote some messages in a little note book for him to find, this was also a big hit. Thank you Monika for the suggestion!
Now jet-lag, that is a whole different thing, he slept for just 2 hours the whole journey and has been up at 3am wanting breakfast the first couple of nights, it is killing me! Coping with my own jet-lag is bad enough but having to do his too...

right, off to get my hair done, thanks for all the previous messages, will be checking in again soon


  1. We only ever fly to Australia (1-2 hour time difference so no jetlag) and I'm really interested- do jetlags tend to be the same for everyone or individual? Do you both wake at 3am or just Ebi-kun. Weird but I'd kinda like to try it some day....

  2. Perhaps you can find some liquid melatonin to help him fall asleep at the proper time? My friends used a combination of that and Benedryl for their travels to china (when they brought their older daughter with them), and when they returned back to the states with the two girls after the trip.

    Glad to hear that your travel went so well!

  3. oh man, praying for you during jet-lag, I know that isn't fun!!! Especially with kids.

  4. That is a LONG flight, I would get jet lag all the time from California to New York...

    So glad your trip was safe and sound.... Must spill about the chic salon you're getting your hair done at.

  5. For jetlag, I've read that you should eat your last meal of the day 12-16 hours before you want to get up the next morning and that will reset your hunger clock, which will help reset your sleep clock. Don't know how easy it will be to get a youngster to cooperate with this kind of plan, though.

  6. Heather - you WANT jet-lag - you are insane!!!!!
    we both wake up at 3, the difference is, I try to turn over and go back to sleep but he wants to get up and have breakfast. It is also worse travelling this way than it is travelling back, not really sure why.

    I am not up for drugging him, I don't know how he would react, at least I can 'read' him when he is drug free. Interesting about the last meal, I think an adult could cope with it but not a little one.

    He was up at 4.30am today but getting better, he didn't have a nap today so I am hoping tonight will be a good one....


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