Tuesday, 14 July 2009

bubble painting - revisted

We have done this before but it was a while ago so I thought it was about time we did it again. It is an easy project to do and the effects are lovely, very delicate considering it is a childs painting.
What you need:
  • large cardboard box
  • bubble blower
  • bubble mix (I used washing-up detergent and water, test that it will make bubbles before adding the colour)
  • food colouring
  • small pots for the colours
  • paper - thicker is better, ours was too thin this time and wrinkled.
Mix up your colours first, I have tried this with acrylic paint and it didn't work at all, water colour paints worked so-so but food colour definitely worked the best for us. I poured some bubble mix into empty yoghurt pots then added the colours, we used red, yellow, black and blue, stir it up well.
Place a piece of paper in the bottom of your box then simply dip your blower into the coloured mix and blow bubbles into the box. Be careful that the bubbles ONLY go in box or you will end up with coloured bubble prints everywhere! I don't advise doing this outside on a windy day.
You will want to experiment with the colours, we found it was best to do the dark colours first.
It is cool that you have no control - or very little on how the picture will turn out
and they all come out differently
I want to try on black paper next time, I imagine it will look like a nebula.
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