Monday, 3 August 2009


yep, my sewing machine is dead, I took it to the shop yesterday and they told me that because of Obon (Japanese summer holiday) it is going to take A MONTH to repair WHAT? Obon only lasts 4 days so why on earth should it take a month...grumble, grumble

Not only that, the camera is broken too - well it takes photos but it is one of those digital ones with a screen on the back and no view finder and it is the screen that isn't working, now guess how long it will take to fix it, yes, that's right A MONTH, more grumbling.....

On the bright side this will force me to finish the projects I have been working on that don't involve sewing machines or cameras!

Right, I am off to put the new fabric in the shop, sorry for the grumpy post!
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