Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Wooden Blocks

I love wooden blocks, they are so open ended and can be used to make all kinds of exciting things. We got Ebi-kun some new blocks to go with the set he had for his 1st birthday, he still uses them all the time but never had enough to create the structures in his head. Originally I was going to go for the plain ones but then I saw this beautiful set, they remind me of the Montessori colour tablets
and after I saw those, I also spotted these, they had a deal on if you buy both it was cheaper, so that is what we did.
So the last couple of days the little architect has been quite busy - bossing the foreman around (that will be me!) and some pretty impressive marble runs have been built.
He also discovered that these little people fit in the marble run holes, so they have also become little people slides.

I'm not sure what he is up to right now, he has the wooden blocks and his lego out...
I am not completely camera less, I used my mobile phone to take these but the camera on it is VERY basic, better than nothing I suppose.
Thank you to everyone who voted for Di, she didn't get through to the next round :o( and have you entered the competition yet? If not, get a wriggle on....
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