Thursday, 24 September 2009


We have an English playgroup in the area we live in, all the children are being raised to be bilingual and have at least one native speaking parent. We get together for celebrations such as Easter, Christmas and Halloween and also have picnics and parties and the occasional camp. We recently came up with an idea for the kids birthday for the parent of the birthday child to buy a book and add a bookplate then all the kids can sign the inside of the cover. We split the cost of the book between those who attend the party.
I offered to make a bookplate, so the one below is an adaptation, the text is different in the playgroup one. I like book plates, they make the book special, I remember having several books when I was a kid, some were Sunday school presents, others were school prizes or special gifts from friends. I hope the playgroup kids will feel the same with their books.

Feel free to download it and use yourself, they are for personal use only and in two sizes, the bigger one being more suited to a picture book. I am not sure how this works on a Windows machine, if you have a Mac, click on the image, it will open a new window and have it at full size. Click your mouse onto the image and drag it onto the desk top then you can print as usual.

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