Friday 25 September 2009

off to the farm

The second day at camp we wen to 'Green Bokojo' or green farm, it was actually smaller than we expected but we had a good day.

there was pony riding
petting animals
milking cows
watching a sheep dog show
meeting the start of the show 'Jim'
Ebi-kun has a bag of wool in hand from when they sheared a sheep.
It should be a fun activity learning how to clean it.
The farm was fun, it always seems odd to me, paying to milk and cow and the such like since I grew up next to a dairy farm. Ebi-kun said the best bit was milking a cow :o).

This was where we were camped, it was actually a free camp place so we could pick where to pitch the tent and we were allowed to park next to the tent. The annoying thing was that we had friends who wanted to come too but the campsite told them that they were fully booked, we could have easily got another tent behind ours and although the Sunday and Monday were really busy there was still plenty of room.
I had a bit of a shock one morning when I opened the car door, this is a picture of the shelf above the glove compartment, can you tell what is behind the sweetie wrappers?
we still have no idea how he got into the car
or how he managed to get onto that shelf

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  1. Wow look at all the sheep grazing like that (it is grazing, right)? lol


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