Friday, 20 November 2009


I made these for my nephew, I have got him fabric ink to go with it but haven't managed to hunt down a plain T-shirt yet. I decided that this year, gifts don't have to be 100% handmade and gifts that encourage making your own thing are good too.

Sorry the posts have been a bit thin on the ground, bit busy at the moment. I made myself a new pair of slippers yesterday and they are FAB even if I do say so myself. They were quite easy and I photographed the process, I just need to get the scraps of paper pattern onto the computer.
My guest blogger was very happy to receive comments and has replied if you want to check back :o). It did take him quite a while to type it up but he did it all himself, the main parts was he couldn't find the letters on the keyboard, he kept saying that the letters are not in order. LOL.
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