Monday 23 November 2009

Flat Stanley

We had a Flat Stanley come and stay with us for the weekend. we already had plans so we couldn't do anything special, so Flat Stanley came to the supermarket to do the grocery shopping...

and went to football practice* with Ebi-kun....
and then, Sunday we all went to Kawasaki to see a friend...
and today Flat Stanley will be flying back to The States, a short but sweet visit.
Ebi-kun got his new bag at last, I sold some of this Lego fabric the other day and he saw me packaging it up and was distraught, he thought it haw 'his' piece! And you thought I was the one with the stash problem :o) Anyway, when he was a footie practice I had a pile of sewing to do, I finished up quicker than expected so I made him a new little bag, the inside has this fabric and so it is reversible, he loves it *phew*.

*If you happen to be in the Saitama area and want to join the football club, it is held on a Saturday afternoon at Yonohonmatchi, Dave is a fully qualified coach and it is all done in English. Drop me a line if you are interested in joining.

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  1. I found this very rewarding for the children..I did not know that this idea came from Canada....
    by the way I love your owls posted on Facebook they are so cute;)


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