Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Would you do me a favour?

I am working on branding and marketing and would like your input. Would you mind popping over to my website jojoebi designs then come back and leave a comment with three words you would use to describe my 'style'?

Thank you!

Now help yourself to a cupcake.....

photo credit AllAboutCake


  1. Sure Jo, it would be my pleasure.Thanks for the cupcake! It's super yummy!

  2. I just visited your website. It looks great!

    3. Fun

  3. Fun & Colorful are the only 2 that come to mind. Hope that helps.

  4. Oh wow! I like your new website. You are really moving forward. As for the three words, I have only come up with one: Fresh. In comparison with a lot of things I see day in day out, your products look fresh.

  5. cute, fun, funky were the first 3 things that came to my mind.

  6. quirky, funky, bold were the first 3 that came to mind - very interesting to see that others have also come up with some of the same adjectives!

  7. cute, cute, cute??

    Now can I have the cupcake, please?

  8. Wierd, I left a comment yesterday and it isn't showing...

    Anyway, funky, unique and kawaii! And those cupcakes are simply stunning!

  9. Funky original fabric fusions (okay i know that's four but hey)
    sorry been MIA for a while... shop looks great Jo!


  10. I would say your style is "eclectic retro-esque whimsy."

    Man, that's a great style name if I do say so myself. I'll pass on the cupcake...it'll just undo all my biking & my Krav Maga class. I really like your space cadets. Are they painted or silk screened?

  11. thank you everyone!

    Honey - they are printed professionally.

  12. Fresh Innocent and Simple. Good luck ;)


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