Tuesday 10 November 2009


The last couple of weeks I have made some new discoveries which I would like to share. Firstly I discovered Sister Diane at Crafty Pod, not only is the blog full with crafty goodness she also has a crafty podcast, I have been listening to the back catalogue eve since I discovered it, LOVE IT. This week was with Rachel Klien, the face behind the wonderful One Pretty Thing. I have found listing to these podcasts is a great when I am home alone and crafting.

This week I had an A-HA moment when I read Melly and Me's blog post, she is starting a new section on tricks and tips, this is about turning small parts for softies/dolls, want to know how to do it, in a painless, no using foul language kind of way? Pop over here and have a read.

Another top bit of info for those who hand sew, this is quoted from Don't Look Now. I totally love her quilting style and I never knew this was the reason for knotted threads.
Do you sometimes have problems with your thread knotting up and becoming tangled while you are stitching? It may just be because you have threaded your needle with the wrong end of your thread!!! If you are left handed, like I am, you should thread your needle using the end that you cut ...not the end that comes off your cotton reel! If you are right handed you should thread your needle with the end that comes directly off your cotton reel.
I have also joined Skout Trade Fair and met some lovely peeps over there. Like many of the Scout members I plan to do all my Christmas shopping on line, for the things I am not making myself. Another point I read this week (sorry, I don't remember where) is that for a green Christmas we should also think about the kind of gift we are giving, giving something practical, that will get used is much better than something that will get shoved in a draw and eventually thrown out. Top tip to bear in mind when you are shopping :o)
I started on my list last night and made family calendars, since Ebi-kun was born I have made a yearly calendar for relatives but last year I didn't get round to it, as it got close to Christmas I started to get people asking for one! So I ended up doing a rush job, this year, they are already sent to print. (pats self on the back)

Today I plan to cut out a couple of little bags for a couple of little boys I know and if I have time I would like to get them sewn up too but I have a custom order to finish too so it might be pushing it.

Talking of custom orders, I sent this one off last week, it was for two large pouches and two smaller ones using fabric from my shop. They came out really well, there were some scraps left over so I whipped up some tissue holders too. The picture was taken in a light tent that I have borrowed from friend, I think I will have to invest in one.

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