Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Antarctica - research scientist in training

One of the items in the swap packages was a Flat Stanley type of doll, Chaucey had included one with all the gear that the scientists need to wear when they go outside. After cutting out and dressing our little scientist, Ebi-kun got dressed up too.
He has sunglasses and goggles, gloves and mitts, a balaclava (or sorts) and woolie hat and his coat and boots on - the neighbours probably think I have lost the plot, it wasn't even that cold the day we did this.
His mission was to find 3 penguins and document them by taking photos, not easy when you have gloves and mitts on, at least the subject matter stayed still.
He then had to go and catch some fish for dinner (felt fish with paperclips attached and a magnet on a string) He kept dropping the fishing line into the hole, all this led to an interesting discussion about what it must be like to live and work in Antarctica.

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