Thursday, 14 January 2010

mini pancakes

nf1andprek-whisper asked for the recipe for veggie pancakes in this MTD, so here it is.

First off, when I say pancake I am talking about English pancakes which are a close cousin to a French crepe and nothing like the American style pancake! I use the same recipe for English pancakes and mini pancakes, I just add extra flour to the mini ones.

English pancake
French Crepe

American pancake/Japanese hotcake

Using a 180ml cup (since I know cups vary around the world too!)

1 cup plain flour
1 cup milk
1 egg

whisk together until smooth, then for the mini pancakes add more flour until the batter is fairly thick, I have no idea how much exactly , I just do it. For regular pancakes the mix needs to be quite thin.

I have two different methods, first is the easy one. Just add any of the following to the batter
  • chopped veggies, raw or cooked
  • dried fruit (cinnamon and raisin are big in this house)
  • chopped fresh fruit, nothing too juicy, bananas, apple, kaki work well
  • cooked chopped meat or ham
  • cheese
  • anything else you might having lying round in the fridge!
Alternatively make a puree first, this is great for fussy eater kids. Cook you desired veg, I like using spinach or pumpkin and to steam it but you could just boil it. Then whizz in the blender until smooth, mix it into the batter, I can't really say how much I use, once you have done it a couple of times you get the hang of it.

Heat up a skillet/frying pan to medium heat, add a little oil then drip dessert spoonfuls of batter onto the pan, spaced well apart, once they are brown flip them over.

I often double the mix and make a massive pile then once they are completely cool pop them in a zip lock back and stick them in the freezer then you always have a healthy snack on hand, pop in the microwave to defrost/warm up and eat! Easy to pop in a snack bag for on the go or great with topping too, mascapone, maple syrup, ketchup...

We have a little friend who doesn't 'do' veggies, I had made a pile of green (spinach) and orange(pumpkin) pancakes for a playdate and he kept sneaking in and pinching more :o)


  1. I had never heard of English pancakes before but I love the idea of sneaking pureed vegetables into the batter. Consider submitting one of your recipes to our crepes website -- I think our readers would love it! I'll provide a link back to your site if you do.

  2. Thanks for sharing! The idea especially about having a pile of these premade in the freezer for the week sounds wonderful. :)

  3. Yikes, next you'll be making crumpets.

  4. MBT - LOL - been there, done that!


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