Tuesday, 19 January 2010

questions for you....

I find it quite difficult juggling the crafting, running a shop along with Montessori and making materials for that, I work best if I can concentrate on one thing, so I have been trying to decide whether to take a month or so off pattern making and crafting and put all my energy into making Montessori materials. I really enjoy making the 3 part cards, especially finding the perfect, high quality picture for the card. To be honest, although I love a freebie as much as the next person, when I download them to find the images have been stretched or the resolution is too low making it a crappy printout I get annoyed with myself for being lazy and not just making it myself. I also like all my cards to be the same size and the image sizes to match - alright, call me fussy!

So, what I want to know is, what kinds of high quality, photo based cards would you like to see being made? Is there anything you have searched high and low for and not managed to find?

Would you like the cards to be in any language other than English, I would like to offer them in several languages but I need to know which ones.

Finally, hubby came home with a massive back of sweetened whipped cream last night, ideas please on how to use it.

Thank you lovely people!


  1. Oh, please focus your energies on Montessori three part cards and other Montessori downloadables! We speak Spanish, French and English with our focus on English, but I would love cards in French and Spanish as well.
    Insects, Mammals, Birds, anything nature related. Thank you !

  2. I don't know that I have commented before, but I love your blog. In fact of the many, many I have in my reader, yours is one that I always make sure to not get behind on. You have great ideas and are very creative. I'm super impressed with how you DO seem to have a good balance of all kinds of things in your life.
    I have no ideas or you on the cards, but I am excited to use the ones you already have. I think my two boys would enjoy them as well.
    Thanks for all you share. :)

  3. Mushrooms, please! I'm also looking for a good intro book for mushrooms too, if anyone has any suggestions

  4. Sweetened whipped cream ...I like it in my coffee, on waffles, and just about anything sweet! Ebi-kin could do fingerpainting with it - color it with food coloring and let him "paint" away - then he can lick his fingers...you did say you had a lot of it!

  5. What a generous idea! You are one of the kind! And I love your cards!
    I'd love to see Animals (farm and wild).
    Of course, I'd like to have the cards in Hebrew. I can help with with the translation. Also, I can provide you Russian translation, if you like.
    Thank you!

  6. I'm with the girls above. I'd love to get my hands on high quality 3 part cards/images for anything nature related. Plants and trees would be great as I'd had a similar experience as you--images of too low resolution. You're not alone in being particular either.. I like them all to be the same size, etc. Thanks for all your hard work!

  7. same here I do the card myself because I teach French in a montessori English environment and I find that some cards which are downloadable in French are either bad quality or use weird clip art or have mistakes in them. So I do mine, which is time consuming but usually kids love them. I use photos (mine) or taken from magazines as well to limit the budget. I don't have a laminating machine but i buy lots of transparent plastic rolls at dollarstore and use those.

  8. thank you all for your feedback, I am thinking that I can do the cards myself in English and Japanese but I would need help with the other languages...French, Spanish, Hebrew, Russian, Turkish and I would like to do Italian too. I will be buying the images so I will need to charge for the cards I make but I am thinking some kind of exchange for translation services. I need to think it through a bit more and get all the images first!

    Lindart, thanks for the cream help, we have had it on bread and I made a crumble, tried it in coffee but it was too sweet for me! I gave half to my neighbour, we may end up with a messy art project yet...

  9. Please let me know when you need my help. I can probably help you with Italian too. My sister in law is an Italian...:)

  10. I can help with Portuguese, if you would like the cards in it.
    I have to tell you that I like your blog very much.

  11. Same as everyone above!

    Hindi please! Will help in a any way possible!

  12. Hi!
    I am French and could probably help with some translation. I work in a bilingual Montessori nursery (French/English). Let me know!

  13. wow, I can see me being a very busy little lass!

    For those who have asked for a specific language, are the resources limited in that languages? I think we tend to forget how lucky we are to have so many resources available in English!

  14. There are simply NO resources in my languages!!!

  15. hmmm, I have hit a large bump! It looks like the images I wanted to buy can not be used for PDF files without buying a special licence which is way too expensive, I am looking around to see if there is somewhere else I can get the images from instead - bummer!

  16. Try these sites -

  17. Thank you MCD -I have looked at a couple of those sites, I will check out the others, so far the licence is the same with all the sites I have looked at, i can't afford to pay the special licence :o(

  18. I am crossing my fingers for you to solve it...:)

  19. nope, it looks like it is a no go unless I come into money!
    To distribute the photos in a digital format I would need to purchase a special licence for each image and it is way out of my budget. Now I know why there aren't cards like this already out there!

  20. Such a pity...:) Thank you for trying though...:)


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