Monday, 25 January 2010

Surprise packages

It has been like Christmas all over again here this weekend. First we had a delivery of 18 cans of beer! It turned out to be a thank you gift, we (as in tradition) gave money to a friend when he got married and this was the gift in return :o). You always get some kind of gift, my MIL has a cupboard full of them, recently it has become more popular to send the guest home with a catalogue so they can choose their own gift.
Then, we had another parcel, this time from Hungary! A while ago Ebi-kun sent a little robot to Eli who was sick (it is at the bottom of this post) and this was a thank you gift.

Ebi-kun loved the car and the whistle/flute/recorder/noise maker! I am hoping the novelty wears off soon. Of course the chocolate goes down well too, thank you Julie and Eli, a lovely surprise.
Then ...oh yes, there were more, we got another package, this time off cousin Kirsty, Mr Bump and the knight, for a certain little boy and a pack of curly-wurlies, cheers Kirsty and Happy Birthday to you too.

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