Saturday 23 January 2010

A review

Normally when I review something on this little ole blog, it is something I have bought and I am happy with it, I want to share with you or I'm not happy and I want to warn you! But last week I had an email out of the blue from Sarah of LuShae Jewelry asking if I would be interested in reviewing one of her pieces. So, I checked out the site and was bemused, it isn't the kind of jewellery I wear and I don't know Sarah so I started to think it was a scam of some sort. So, I did what any sensible person would do, I googled it! After checking through the results I decided to give it a go, I figured that it was her taking the risk because I have a tendency to say what I think and if something is rubbish I will, most certainly, say so. I picked the ice twist pendant, it took me a while to pick something because it isn't really my sort of thing.

It arrived really quickly and in a sweet little box and looks exactly like the picture, I have worn it and my neck didn't turn green or my head fall off! And I admit, it is handy to have this kind of necklace in the draw, in case I need to wear something a bit more fancy than my usual funky kind of pendant. There are pieces on the site that would suit various family members - such as my mom who likes a bit of bling! So, there you go, a thumbs up for LuShae Jewelry.

Quick update - Craft Hope for Haiti have raised over $20,000 and had 1250 sales! Amazing, they are still adding new items so keep popping back.

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