Tuesday, 2 February 2010

quick round up

Well, who would have thought it? Sunday we were playing footie in the park, striped down to our T-shirts and this morning we woke up to snow!
Saturday I decided to sort out my fabric scrap pile which was totally out of control, I got out the iron and roller cutter out and decided that everything had to be cut either into 10cm or 20cm squares and reasonable sized scraps could be pressed and kept for applique and the leftovers to the bin. 3 days later, I have 500 small squares, just over 100 big squares and a nice tidy pile of applique scraps and 2 bin bags full of non useable scraps, I still feel a bit guilty throwing them out but seriously, they have been under the desk, (I suspect they were breeding down there too) for the last year and I haven't touched them so they have to go!

Now I have to decide what to do with all those squares, I have quite a lot of brown and green big squares so I am thinking a camping quilt for Mr Ebi and I have so many little ones to choose from, I thought at first a charm quilt, which I think uses only one of each type of fabric, might have to cheat a bit though if I do that. I am leaning towards the ones with a lot of white...

1. Rainbow Charm Quilt, 2. top of Audens quilt, 3. Wee Play Quilt, 4. lap quilt #2

I also really like the paintbox quilt over on Oh Franson but I haven't got the time or patience to sew all those blocks! Hmm maybe I will just sit and look at all the squares for a while...
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