Friday, 19 February 2010

Salt Painting

We started off doing the iridescence ice experiment that I saw on 5 orange potatoes via the Crafty Crow. It didn't work quite as well as the one of 5 orange potatoes, I suspect that was because we didn't have neon food colouring, I have never even seen neon food colouring, I didn't know it existed. Ours was very pretty though.

We had a lot of food colour left (in Japan it is sold as pigment and you mix it with water) so we did the salt painting again, we did this a year or so ago but it is always fun to do again.
Get a dark piece of paper and draw a design on it with glue, sprinkle with salt and shake off the excess.
The fill your paintbrush with colour, last time we used water colours I think but food colour worked just as well, and lightly touch the salt with it. The colour will 'run' along the salt paths.
Suggest that the child puts a dab of blue next to the yellow and watch how the colour changes. When it is finished it is very pretty but it won't store, it might be best to forewarn your child if he or she is a hoarder!

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