Friday, 19 March 2010

I don't eat fish...

Most people think this is really odd since I live in Japan but I just don't like it, the smell, the taste, urgh! I do, however like taiyaki, probably because there is no actual fish in it :o)
The outer shell is made with a thick batter, something like a waffle, it is poured into a hot mold and a filling added - hmm delicious.

We went for chocolate in one
and sweet bean paste in the other, it took me a while to get my head round eating sweet beans but now I really like it, I even craved when I was pregnant with Ebi-kun.


  1. i can relate, I don't like fish either and I grew up on a beach. Everyone thinks I am crazy.

  2. Those fish look delectable - especially the sweet bean paste one! I used to hate all fish except tuna, but I keep trying it now and then, cooked in different ways, and now I can say I like fish that is fried in butter and salmon cooked on a cedar plank!

  3. I'm only like fish when is fried but....not always..

    Sweet beans?? sound weird! but beans are delicious =9

  4. I love fish and I love sweet red beans;) In london I used to go to the Japanese Store in Regent st (not sure if it's still there). Now of course in Vancouver we are lucky to find japanese treats everywhere;)

  5. yes, i think i would like fish shaped chocolate filled waffles too! :)


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