Friday, 16 April 2010

English Flapjacks... free download

I am always amazed at the little differences in the English language and have got used to switching in American English terms such as movie or garbage when I am talking to either North Americans or Japanese that have studied American English. It is just easier for the flow of the conversation rather than stopping to translate every 'English' expression. At home we use British English and I will never use the term fanny pack *blushing at the mere mention*. It is funny how some words I never had any idea about them having a different meaning, which brings me round to flapjacks. I was chatting to a Canadian friend the other day and apparently Canadian flapjacks are more like pancakes and the expression 'Ole Canadian Flapjack' has a whole different meaning which has little to do with cooking (at least I can say I have never tried that).
So, after talking about them I started to crave one, I haven't had a flapjack for years but used to make them often as a kid, yummmm
It is an easy recipe for the kids to join in with too, just take car with the hot ingredients in the pan.
Lots of measuring, stirring, mixing and spooning practice.
So, if you want to make some, I have made up a printable recipe card like The 5 Cup Cake card. You can download the flapjacks here and the 5 cup cake here. A quick tip, if you use a silicon pan you don't need to grease it but a regular tin you will and pop it in the fridge once it has cooled a little, once it is properly cold it is easier to cut.
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