Thursday, 1 April 2010

Saitama Craft Meeting...

Yesterday a few of us met up for some sock critter making. This time we met at a community space in Urawa, although it took us a while to figure out which tables we could use, they have changed the rules again and two members of staff were telling us completely different things which didn't help! I had made up packs with everything in and whilst the kids played we sewed and chatted.
Usually for me, crafting is a solitary activity but it was fun to chat and sew, one of our members is pregnant just now so there was a lot of baby advice going on :o)
We also had quite a few older ladies come over to see what we were up to, I think some of them were quite bemused that we were making softies from socks. Everyone went home with a new friend and a few extra socks to make more.
The little round pigs are taken from this book Stray Sock Sewing which I picked up in England and is VERY cute, the rabbits are a design I came up with, they are easy to make, I thought they would be good for a quick sock critter :o)

On a completly different note, I forgot to mention that Ebi-kun has been given the all clear by the doc and he is now free to throw himself around as much as he like! He is one happy bunny to be free of bandages and slings.
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