Tuesday, 27 April 2010


I had a lovely day yesterday, Ebi-kun had his first full day at yochien so I headed into town, got myself some new trainers, nice silver and pink ones! It did take me an age to decide, I didn't really want ones with laes because I am forever taking my shoes on and off here and doing laces everytime will drive me nuts, the ones I found are slip on. Then I wandered around the shops, no one moaning or demanding to go to the toy store. No awkward toilet breaks, I could pee when I wanted to pee. I had a lovely relaxing coffee and sandwich at Starbucks, went to Uniqlo and even tried a few things on since I had no one complaining they are bored. It is a new found freedom :o)

I spotted this in the craft store, made me giggle, the picture isn't great but I will never bore of living in Japan unless they get the hang of the English language!

Ebi-kun had a great day, he had curry rice, apple and something lemony for his lunch and most amazingly he wasn't the last to finish, I can't believe there is someone who eats slower than him LOL.
Today, I have some sewing planned, a new top for me, a holder to keep all Ebi-kuns bits in one place in the car, a couple of little bags and maybe some new place mats if I have the time...

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