Monday, 12 April 2010

We Won...

After the trauma of Friday night it was lovely to wake up to an email from Zoe at Playing By The Book to say we had won her competition! and we got to pick which books we wanted to boot, I will show you when they arrive. I only discovered this blog a few months ago but Zoe comes up with some great ideas to go with the books she reads to her kids.
I LOVE this Barbapapa pod house and have it bookmarked as warmer weather activity, I am sure Ebi-kun would love it as a garden play house, if I can find a way to seal it.

We also got two parcels that day, a strawberry plant and jar of coffee from baa-chan and a swap parcel from Eli who lives in America but it Guatemalan so now we have some cute miniatures to add to the culture box, thank you Eli (and Stacey!).

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