Monday 12 April 2010

and..... he's gone

We were out, waiting for the bus at 7.53am, our neighbour, Tammy came out to wave him off too. He was looking a bit nervous but he was very excited, I am sure he will have a fun day. He will be back at 11.53am. For the first couple of weeks they do half days, I'm not sure why, I think once they are there they are pretty clueless about the passing of time.

So, here I am, in a very quiet house, feels quite strange. I have LOADS of things I want to do but now I have the time I can't think where to start, maybe a big cup of coffee and a list making session is in order.

Thank you for all the well wishes and food recommendations, I think with the combination of extra fibre, lots of drinks and the meds he managed to clear his system last night, hopefully we can keep it that way. He already eats prunes every day (his favourite snack) and if you ask his what his favourite food is, he will often say broccoli, we tried him with soy milk instead of cows milk for breakfast so we will see how that goes. We do consume too much cheese (although some would argue that you can never have enough cheese), so we are going to try and cut down on the cheese too - which is probably good for me too!

So, over the next couple of weeks I hope to get some new items in the shop, I bought a new lamp for my light tent yesterday and I have a number of things already made but they never made it as far as the shop! I am also working on a new project, I am not going to say what just yet, but it is Montessori related :o) and now it is time for the big coffee...


  1. Ohhh isn't he a cutie! And I bet he was happy to get the green hat after all, huh?

    Here's to lots of fun and a smooth transition to kinder life- for both of you!

  2. congratulations to all three of you! he looks so cute!

  3. What a lovely photo of ebi-kun. Hope you didn't feel too sad waving him off!

  4. OMG - that picture is so flipping cute I can hardly stand it.


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