Monday, 31 May 2010

Muffin Tin Dinner and new picks in the shop!

I am all of a muddle today, I was going to tell you all about our fancy new shelves in the pantry but then decided to take photos once it is completely finished, bet you are looking forward to that post LOL. Then I realised that I hadn't posted last weeks MTD, so here it is...

Clockwise from the pink check flag, cheese and pineapple, eda mame, sausages, yoghurt and raspberry jam, rice ball with sprinkles x2, little apple cake and cucumber sticks in the middle.

Remember the new so cute you want to squeal picks that I told you about in this post? WELL.... I raided the shop and bought all the packs that they had (probably making the checkout girl think that I was some kind of crazy bento fiend) and I have put them in the shop, I only have a few left, so get over there quick sharp!
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