Tuesday 1 June 2010

Unveiling of the.......


This is what our pantry usually looks like in varying degrees. Every so often I get fed up of it, pull everything out, put it all back in and it still looks much the same but finally after two and half years we decided to put some shelves in. 
now doesn't that look better? It wasn't quite as straight forward as it looks since the right hand side wall is not reinforced so we can't just bamm some nails in. The pantry is under the stairs and the hole goes right under the lower stairs, to the right so all the Christmas boxes are under there. Now everything has a home and the lower shelves are really deep so I can shove all kinds of crap in their :o). I also put Ebi-kuns paints and paper on the lower shelf so he can get them out when he likes. We do have the art shelf but it is kind of over-flowing. So, Daddy-Ebi, good job, well done !
 After yochien yesterday we went down to the shops and then stopped off at the park. They have the rose festival on at the moment which I have decided to boycott (I am sure they are missing my ¥200) Each year they extend the rose garden area and buy in more roses but the whole thing only lasts a couple of weeks, meanwhile in the rest of the park they keep pulling up the kids equipment which is deemed unsafe and no replacing it with anything. Originally there were 15 big wooden pieces of equipment, now there are four and while I am at it, the wading pool could do with a bit of refurb too. 
So, we picked up some leaves and came home and painted with them, I just let him go with it, he spent quite some time trying various techniques, using the roller was a bit hit.
Now, I am going to town to have lunch with some lovely ladies....

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  1. I have serious pantry envy now. This is a big old house with a massive staircase so I have plenty of room under there (even with a chest freezer) but there's no door! And the stairs are unbacked so it's all on display. That wouldn't be such a problem if it looked at all like your after picture but I'm afraid it's a very near relative of your before pic....


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