Saturday, 29 May 2010

Take me to....

It looks like Ebi-kun is having a growth spurt, how come they don't seem to grow for months then suddenly they shoot up over night, T-shirts that fit him fine last week are now looking suspiciously like crop tops! I picked up a few plain T-shirts last weekend and the next day I had a parcel from my swap partner Kristel. She always picks cool things to send and this time was o exception, the parcel included a set of stamps with washable ink, so you can design your T-shirt, pop it in the wash and start over next time. I couldn't wait to try it so I made Ebi-kun an alien T-shirt with a speech bubble... (the dodgy wink is his new 'pose')
We were going out with a friend for lunch, so this is what we stamped for the first attempt :o)
When it come out of the wash I will let him write what he wants, should prove to be amusing.

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  1. A shirt where you can change the message each time you wear it! That is such a great idea!


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