Friday 28 May 2010


So, yesterday was ensoku or day trip and we went to one of the local parks, it was the whole yochien that was there so about 100+ kids and their parents and younger siblings. We started off with games, the classes were grouped into grades, there are 3 classes in Ebi-kun grade. There were coloured cards in the middle of the circle, the kids had to jog round until the sensei called out a colour then they had to race to pick up the card and then return to their parent(s).
So that the kids would understand how to play we had to demonstrate,
daddy-ebi looks like he is enjoying it more than the kids!
Next up was the wheel barrow relay, Ebi-kun was asked by the sensei to demonstrate too,
he was much quicker the second time round!
I love this shot of the boys :o)
Then there was time for free play, the game of the moment seemed to
be all holding hands and spinning round until the chain breaks
and they all fall on the floor giggling and
let me tell you, those white t-shirts are no longer white!
Then it was lunch time and of course a cute bento had to be made...
The parents had a quick meeting and I somehow got volunteered to help carry the
Mommy's mikoshi at the summer festival!
We finished off with some folk dancing, the kids had already learned the dance
so they were leading, it was very cute to watch and after that we were dismissed.

Some of us hung round, the kids were itching to get into the wading stream and it was a lovely warm day, this is the posse of best friends and they are typical little boys, Ebi-kun splashing T-kun....
T-kun giving it back...
An insane amount of giggling and screaming was going on,
I would say that lots of fun was had by all!


  1. oh my goodness...those bento boxes are just the cutest darn thing I have seen today!!!!
    LOVE IT!

  2. hi jo!
    just wanted to tell you we received your wonderful little package and we LOVE it. my boys love playing with all the little miniatures. thank you so very much.

  3. great! I am glad it arrived ok :o)

  4. darling bento box. Everyone looked like that had a great time outdoors, it's great the hubby was in the "modeling" spirit for all the activites.


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