Saturday, 8 May 2010

WIN - Crafty Goodies

First, I must thank everyone for all their help and support of the new blog, I woke up this morning and was amazed that I had had almost 800 hits from 47 countries just in one day - amazing! So thank you for helping spread the word, it is much appreciated.
I also got up to loads of emails so if you did mail me, please be patient as I wade through them all :o)

As this blog is such a jumble of things I thought each giveaway should have some kind of theme based on what I usually post about, as you well know, I am a crafty kinda chick so today's giveaway is an envelope full of crafty bits to do with as you wish!

To get you hands on the goodies, just leave a message on THIS post telling me about a crafting disaster you have had or an amusing crafty related story.

IMPORTANT - you must leave an email contact address with your comment. The winner be be selected Saturday May 15th at 8.00am Japan time.

You can also win Culture Box items HERE
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