Saturday 8 May 2010

Kitakami - Day 2....

The second day, we did breakfast and hubby went off to see if we could use the showers only to discover that it was too early in the season and the gas had not yet been connected, it was a choice of cold shower or no shower, we went with being stinky! But formulated a plan which meant going to a sento (public bath) before going to Tomoe's for lunch, that fell flat because the only sento we could find wasn't open so we just went to Tomoe's and hoped she didn't mind the smell hahaha.
Tomoe used to be one of my students and adopted me as her English daughter, she is lovely and although she has 3 adult children of her own she is not a grandma yet, so Ebi-kun has got himself another grandma!
After an enormous lunch we went to buy food for the BBQ we had invited another friend round for dinner, I was still full from lunch but managed to fit in some delicious beef and veggies. It was good to catch up with Miki, she was also a student and was in hubbys class, they were my last class on a Saturday night so we would hit the pub straight after lessons and get drunk!
Ebi-kun enjoyed playing on all the equipment at the campsite, they were repairing this one the day we arrived.
but the other big piece of climbing equipment was still out of bounds, so he had to make do, he did collect a big pile of pine cones which I am not sure what we are going to do with yet.
Of course, I had to teach him that old camp classic of scary touch faces, we didn't do scary stories though, I think we will wait a while before we start all that.

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