Wednesday, 23 June 2010

A good question....

Last time we took a trip on the train we saw a poster, I should have taken a picture but I forgot. Anyway, Ebi-kun asked me what the poster was for so I said that it was to tell salarymen not to touch girls bums. It was an anti-groping campaign poster)
Ebi-kun looked at me and with complete disgust said 'but why would you want to'?
I couldn't help but crack up, later in the day he asked my mom, Papie and daddy-ebi why anyone would want to touch a girls bum, he is still disgusted and can't understand why we all think it is so funny.

I look forward to having this conversation in another 10 years or so :o)

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  1. when my husband (then fiance) told his little sister we were going to be married (she was 8 at the time), she squealed with delight. then, she made a sour face and whispered in disgust, "does this mean you two have to kiss each other?"

    she's 21 now and we like to give her a good rub with that one :)


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