Friday, 4 June 2010

I need your support....


I noticed Spoonflower were having a medieval themed contest this week so on the spur of the moment I entered some of the fabric I designed for Ebi-kuns yochien bags, I picked the castles walls design to enter, I used this on his library bag.....

and one of the bags for his shapes.
So, if you wouldn't mind, please pop over and vote (preferably for my castle design!) I can't tell you which page it will be on because they shuffle the entries  each time. Click on the design you like (that will be the blue castle design :o) ), scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the green arrow until you have done the 5 pages then click 'I'm done! Save my Votes' That's it! Easy peasy.

Thank you! xxx


  1. done :)

    I found it on page 5

  2. thank you! I will have 3 votes then :o)

  3. I voted for you yesterday when thte contest went up. I knew you'd be in this one. I love the whole collection.

  4. thanks you!
    mom - looks like the blogging is going well hahahhaha

    Evenspor - I must have missed the actually announcement for this contest, I entered very much at the last minute - if it hadn't been for the time difference and Japan being ahead I would have missed the deadline :o)

  5. I'm in the robot contest next week.

    The penguns in my tin were from the Safari Penguins Toob. It only comes with 11, and one is a baby. The other 10 don't all match the different species exactly, but you can easily touch them up with a little paint to make them match.

  6. I didn't see your post until just now, but I'd already voted, and yours was one of them! I love it. Different than a lot of the other entries.


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