Saturday, 27 November 2010

Have you heard....

about Pinterest? it is a great new site where you can pin all your visual internet finds on to a pin board. You can have several boards so you can keep all your inspiration organised. I am a very visual person so this software is a godsend, you should see my bookmarks bar - it is scary, very scary! Hopefully Pinterest will help get that under control.

a few of my boards


  1. cool :). I've been using Tumblr which also has a visual aspect to it.

  2. Very cool, I will be checking this out. My favorites are really scary as well :)

  3. I tried tumblr but I like pinterest better, I am hooked, Momma McCall sorry if I have you addicted too!

  4. I was able to sign up today and think it is awesome! I love being able to see a picture instead of reading through all my bookmarks.


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