Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Our last week...

was pretty low key, we kicked back and relaxed a bit. My Nanna came to visit, she is 90 and is still full of life and still lives alone. The goblet Ebi-kun has in the picture was discovered in a quest, I had some shopping to do so we put goblet on the shopping list. Then, we had to visit every charity shop in town hoping that a knight had dropped one off when he was passing through Congleton. Luckily, most of the shop assistants played along and helped us with the quest and Oxfam came up trumps, although Sir Ebi-kun was a tad disappointed that it wasn't a jewel encrusted gold chalice!
 It was good to Nanna or Mother Cock as she is better known as these days, normally she stays at my moms for Christmas but there was no room since we had taken over the spare room and my brothers were on the sofas!

Ebi-kun had some putting lessons from papie 
 We had a couple of pub lunches, I was glad to see that there has been a move to have healthier options for kids on the menus these days. Last time we visited almost everywhere we went it was 'something and chips' whereas Ebi-kun would much rather tuck into a plate of pasta or a nice salad.
 Then before we knew it, it was time to head back. Our flight from Manchester was delayed which meant when we landed in Munich they were already calling the final boarding for our connection so we ran through the airport trying to find the right gate, thankfully Munich seemed much smaller than Frankfurt and we made it just in time - Phew! I am really glad we made it to the UK for Christmas whilst Ebi-kun still believes in Santa and the Christmas magic. Obviously I love going back to see everyone but sadly, a trip to the UK doesn't do anything for my wanderlust and to travel outside Japan is sooo expensive, maybe our next trip will be to somewhere more exotic - Ebi-kun is of an age where he can appreciate a foreign land now, the question is where... I quite fancy Mongolia or Bhutan if we opt to stay in Asia or there was talk of meeting up with Di and Rob in South America, I'd love to go to Central America too. Hmm, what I need is a lot of money! Where would you go, if money was no object?

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