Sunday, 9 January 2011

We made it!

Yes, we are back. The flight was pretty uneventful, the first flight was delayed because of snow by an hour and a half which was the exact amount of time between our connections, a slight panic and a quick sprint through Munich airport meant that we made it onto the long haul flight, just.
I managed to get a head full of snot the night before we left which made the flight rather unpleasant especially the final landing, I had terrible earache and now know why kids scream their heads off if they have nothing to suck on (I did try sucking a sweetie but it made no difference). Luckily Daddy-ebi picked us up from the airport so I just collapsed in the car and well, pretty much did the same all day today.
Tomorrow is a national holiday so I will have a bit more time to get my head together and sort out the suitcases, then Tuesday I will be back to it, I will re-open the shop, finish off the latest pattern and I have a big custom order to get started on, oh yes.... and there is the BIG news to spill too.
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