Monday, 28 February 2011

Happy Birthday Baa-chan

Yesterday was Baa-chan's birthday (his Japanese grandmother) so Ebi-kun decided to make a card but then he asked for the roll of paper, he wanted to make a big card. I suggested I drew around him and then he could paint it however he likes, he was up for that idea and painted himself as a knight.
 We only had a little bit of gold paint so he used that for the details, I'm not sure where Baa-chan is going to hang this masterpiece, I would put it in the tokonoma (an alcove where a lovely painting or piece of poetry is hung) but I am not sure Baa-chan would be up for that!
Happy Birthday Baa-chan!

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  1. I love this giant picture. It's so great how creative you are with your family :)


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