Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Japanese style MTD

A typical Japanese meal consists of several small dishes, usually a bowl of rice, some pickled vegetables, miso soup, a fish or meat dish and then a fifth bowl which is often some more carbs in the form of some kind of noodle. I personally feel there is a lack of veg in the typical meal set up, for me 3 slices of picked cucumber do not count as one of my 5 a day lol. Anyway, the Japanese style of many small dishes make it really easy to put together a MTD, instead of small bowls, pop the food in muffin cases and taa-daa...
From the top left: inari sushi (rice in a deep fried tofu pocket), salad, inari sushi
Bottom: yellow pepper, chicken stuffed with cheese and spinach, daigakoimo (sweet potatoes)
and a selection of dips/dressings

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