Thursday, 31 March 2011

have you seen it....

Yep, I have lost my creative mojo. I have hardly opened my sketch book since the quake and when I have, I have come up with a big fat pile of nothing. I have tried doing some sewing, managed one drawstring bag and cocked up a little coin purse *sigh*. Instead of my mind wandering and discovering rainbows of colour, new shapes and designs, I find myself thinking about the Silent Samurai, many of these men have lost everything themselves, their homes and families or they have yet to hear if their family members are safe and have no idea if they will have a home to return to. They have had little rest since the quake and yet they carry on, risking their lives for others.
I am finding it really hard to get in a creative mood with everything that has happened and is still happening but tomorrow marks three weeks since the quake, it is time to get a grip on things and start moving forward, I'm just not sure which direction I am headed.
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