Thursday 31 March 2011

Socks For Japan

Ebi-kun and I went to buy socks yesterday, he picked out which ones then when we got home we decorated the paper for the letters. I decided it would be easier to print the actual letter so we just decorated the edges. Each one was an individual piece of art and Ebi-kun thought hard about which person should get which design (girl/boy/lady/man). We didn't quite finish yesterday so he did the last couple this morning. Daddy-ebi translated the letter into Japanese, so it was a family effort.
 Then Ebi-kun and I packed all the socks and care letters into bags and he made labels for them. We popped down to the post office this morning, so they are winging there way up to Tochigi. If you would like to donate some socks, then check out the Socks For Japan page, please make sure you read through their instructions properly so that you save them time at their end.
Whilst we were out we also dropped by the doctors, which is on the way to the post office so I could get some more hay fever drugs. The last lot sort of helped but I am still really bunged up and the tablets make me really sleepy. The doctor had given me a new prescription, this time with some gadget I have to stick up my nose, I couldn't quite catch what I was supposed to do with it so I will wait until hubby gets home, hopefully it will clear the passages some what.
I keep forgetting to add, some people asked how my moms operation went, well... she went off to the hospital (to have a pacemaker fitted), they got her all ready then... 'Oh, we are sorry, one of the machines we need for the operation is broken, can you come back another day?' Ha! So, she is going in tomorrow, yep, April 1st, starting to wonder what they might put in for a laugh.....

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  1. Got a couple of pairs of socks this morning, will get the kids working on it this afternoon! Emma :)


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