Friday, 11 March 2011

If the back isn't as good as the front

then it is rubbish. This was pretty much the sentiment of my great-gran who was an amazing embroiderer, my granma (her daughter-in-law) was also pretty good and so is my great aunt Henrietta, although she doesn't do much anymore because her eyes are failing. From all accounts my great-gran was a pretty terrifying woman, I imagine she would make you do the work over and over until it came up to her standards.

I got this table cloth out yesterday, I thought I might use it at the art show, I think this one was done by my granma, this is a close up of the front
and this is the back...
which is pretty darn good too, I think my great-gran would have kicked me out on my ear, the back of my work is never this neat! Something to aspire to though, I am sure my granma would be proud of what I am doing, it is nice to think that a little bit of her will be there too.
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