Sunday, 20 March 2011

a normal day...

Well, if you exclude the fact that the first thing I do is check the news and British Embassy website as soon as I wake up, and the fact that a rattling window makes me want to dive under the nearest table and that we are at the in-laws, yesterday was a pretty normal day. We went to Osaka to meet up with Wendy, I thought she had been in Japan a day when the quake hit but I was wrong, she had been here a few hours! It was great to see her again, it was like we had met up only last week although in reality it has been years, she won Ebi-kun over with a big bag of liquorice and talks about ninja lol.

We went to the aquarium, which is really big, I have been a couple of times before but it was many moons ago and Ebi-kun hasn't been before. I feel guilty saying it but it was nice to have some fun. I have a tonne of blurry fish photos to share with you but I didn't bring the camera cable with me so you will have to wait for them, there, something to look forward to!

It looks like daddy-ebi is going to head home tomorrow, we are going to stay here for a little longer, friends from home are reporting that the situation is getting better, food in the stores etc. but there are still after shocks. I heard that found a man alive yesterday, his house was swept away with him trapped inside, absolutely amazing.

I have just updated the master list, there are some wonderful things up for grabs, absolute bargains, go and take a look, click on the image below and it will take you, as if by magic to the master list

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